Pastor Fielder

Pranitha Fielder – Youth and Young Adults Pastor

Christmas is an exciting season for most. The gifts, food, family, friends, decorations, and music together create a season many look forward to all year long.
It’s fitting that at Sligo Church we begin this season with Holy Communion. After all, the emblems we will hold in our hands- that we smell, taste, and consume this Sabbath- truly point us to the reason for the season. Jesus- the Word made flesh!
From the moment He was born, Jesus the Christ was marching a funeral march to His grave. He did not come to be celebrated as baby Jesus- He came to be glorified as the Savior of mankind. He came to give hope to a world lost in darkness.  That hope began at His birth, putting Him on a long journey to the cross. Christmas and Communion are intricately connected and woven together. As we receive gifts this season let us remember the gift of all gifts- a life born only to save.
As we gather with family and friends, let us honor the One who left His Father’s side to give us hope. As we indulge in delicious food, let us glorify Jesus the Christ, who came so that we may one day sit at His table.  As we come together this Sabbath for Holy Communion let us prepare our hearts and minds in gratitude and love.  Let us allow this most sacred service to anchor us as the holiday season commences, lest we forget the Christ of Christmas. Lest we forget the whole purpose of His birth- to begin His journey to our cross.

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