Pr. Charles Tapp – Senior Pastor

If you were like me, you would have found yourself glued to the television screen on Sunday as you watched what I consider to be one of the most exciting football games that the Washington Redskins have ever played. Well, at least one of the greatest that I have had the privilege of witnessing. Ever since the arrival of R. G. III, the Redskins star rookie quarterback, they have experienced a renewed sense of winning; and winning is exactly what they’ve been doing.

One of the things that contributed to the excitement of this game is that after having experienced victory for the past three weeks, their winning streak appeared to be vanishing right before their very eyes.

With just about two minutes before the end of regulation, the Redskins found themselves trailing their Maryland counterparts, the Baltimore Ravens, by eight points. Being behind by this margin meant that in just two short minutes they needed to score a touchdown, followed by a two point conversion, instead of the conventional extra point, which would tie the score and force the game into overtime.

Not only did the Redskins come from behind and tie the game, but they also scored a field goal in overtime to win the game. And they did it without their star quarterback who was knocked out of the game with an injury.

Although we have recently experienced the victory of retiring the OSR debt as we draw near the end of 2012, we find ourselves behind with the clock about to run out when it comes to our church budget which provides funds for Sligo ministries. Just as the Redskins came from behind with time running out, we too can forge a comeback and end the year with a victory. In order for this to come to fruition, each of us must be willing to do our part. If each of us is willing to their part, then we can end this year with a bang, which will in turn provide us with a great field position as we prepare to press forward into 2013.


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