Hope Amidst Chaos: A Series from Sligo Underground on Vimeo.

It’s undeniable.

There is a Controversy raging around us. We hear of it week after week. We wonder: Why do these things happen?

Is God silent? Is there a plan? Is there hope?

You’re invited to “FROM THE GROUND UP: Hope Amidst Chaos,” a series especially created for youth + young adults who live with these questions and uncertainties.

Join us every Friday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 11:15am for music, food, new friends, and answers to life’s most difficult questions.


Fri. 5th: Wartime Spoils
Sat. 6th: A Wartime Hero
Fri. 12th: Heaven on Earth
Sat. 13th: The End of War
Fri. 19th: The Code
Sat. 20th: Ever After
Fri. 26th: Living the Life
Sat. 27th: The King Returns

Main Speaker: Pastor Pranitha Fielder

All are welcome. Come as you are, from ANY background. Come to the series and bring friends to win a free gift!

Brought to you by Sligo Underground, the youth ministry of Sligo SDA Church.