Paolo Esposito - Associate pastor for media and outreach

Paolo Esposito – Associate pastor for media and outreach

We are blessed to live in an era when there is increased awareness about health. Yet TV doctors, advertising and “friends” make it easy to get confused. If you have ever searched the Internet for information on a particular item, you already know that your research will result in opposing opinions and differing data on most health topics.

And the reality is, though health today is cool and popular, one out of every two Americans has a chronic disease according to the Centers (Centers or Center?) for Disease Control and Prevention. These diseases include heart disease, stroke, obesity, cancer, and arthritis, all of which can dramatically impact people’s lives. Interestingly enough, the four most common, yet avoidable, causes of chronic disease are diet, lack of exercise, tobacco and alcohol.

As Adventists, we must be doing something right because repeated studies seem to indicate that “Due in part to their unique dietary habits, Seventh-day Adventists have a lower risk than other Americans of certain diseases.”

Everyone wants to be healthy, yet our bad habits, the clutter of the media and marketing, and opposing opinions on most health matters is making it increasingly difficult for people to live healthy lives.

Too often we hear TV doctors talk about magic recipes to lose weight, or secret power foods that burn fat, or an exercise machine that will change our life.

As Adventists, we have a unique opportunity to share our experience and God-given principles with others, that can impact their lives and give them hope. This is the year of Hope at Sligo, and we have a prepared a new series of discussion guides for our Homes of Hope, titled, “Hope and Health.” This is not about a magic recipe, power food or expensive machine, but eight enjoyable God-given gifts for great health.

Whether you are looking to get healthier yourself, or searching for an easy and appealing way to share hope in your community, work or family, this is a great opportunity to do so. Do you want to be part of Hope and Health?

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.


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