On this Sabbath, we the Sligo church pause and join in reflection as we celebrate the 150 year anniversary of our Seventh-day Adventist faith community. We cast a historical eye on the gestation era of the great awakening, and zoom in on our mount Moriah moment, Ascension Rock. Here hope-fiiled souls waited the glorious moment of the ages, the Second Coming. It was not to be, and the savage bite of a New England winter pummeled the unprepared. We are most grateful that it was the covenant promise of a living God that gave new spark to enable these pioneering believers to hope again.

Ascension Rock, where many Millerites waited for the appearance of Christ on October 22-23, 1844.

Ascension Rock, where many Millerites waited for the appearance of Christ on October 22-23, 1844.

Their confidence in a loving God called them back to deeper prayer and study for fresh insights into God’s Word, which they received. The Blessed Hope reignited their commitment to the Great Commission of being partners with heaven in sharing the Good News in a nation torn apart by a civil war! Hope, yes the blessed hope, is a gift from God that like vitamins gives us renewed strength and courage in the face of life’s most challenging moments.

  • It’s the blessed hope that called J.N. Andrews to become a pioneering missionary and writer.

    United in Mission

    United in Mission

  • It’s the blessed hope that compelled Nellie Druillard to bring fresh insights into the fields of education and health.
  • It’s the blessed hope that beckoned Anna Knight to journey to India as a pioneering missionary.
  • It’s the blessed hope that inspired Law Keem pioneer the work of medical ministry.
  • It’s the blessed hope that powered the faith of our community through these 150 years to imagine, to give, to build, and to sacrifice for the cause of the Kingdom.
  • It is this blessed hope that is a part of our permanent inheritance that will not fade away!

Lord, give us here at Sligo today, a fresh assurance that your redemptive plan is still on course and that our hope is well placed. Our hope-filled faith calls us to live in the space of now and not yet, still confident in your way, and in your time. Thank you for your grace, which is our only hope. We pray in the great name of Jesus, amen!

By: Chris Daley

Hope for Today... Coming to Sligo Summer 2013

Hope for Today… Coming to Sligo Summer 2013

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  1. Wonderful heritage and blessed hope to pass on to our families and friends.

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