Charlotte Conway - Treasurer

Charlotte Conway – Treasurer

What would they have to say? You can be sure that virtually every nook and cranny would have something to say about ministry in God’s house, even the janitor’s closet, reminding us that cleanliness is next to Godliness! I can just imagine that if the marble wall in the atrium could talk it would tell us about the wedding reception that took place recently, or the funeral repast, and I’m sure the walls would comment about the children putting their coins in the Wishing Well and watching with delight as the coins twirl around until they are finally sucked up! Yes, I almost forgot about all the music that takes place in the Atrium—piano recitals, choir practice, music concerts and the list could go on and on. Then if we open the walls into the Fellowship rooms, those walls might talk about the wonderful Sabbath School class with Gideon Amir or the hospitality meals where so many generously provide food, welcoming our guests!

It’s Sabbath morning. Let’s walk downstairs—oh my, there are so many children coming to Sabbath School! The walls resound with the singing of children’s songs and recitation of memory verses. And now it’s 11:15 a.m. and here come the youth to their Underground Service—it’s never quiet down here on Sabbaths! Well, it is quiet from about 10 p.m. on Saturday night until—5 a.m. What is going on at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning? Prayer at 5 a.m.? Yes, it surely is. How many of us would be willing to get up that early to join the Ethiopians in prayer?

During the week the walls all over the church could also witness when the church choir comes to rehearse or when the faithful come to pray in the House of Prayer, or the University students come to chapel services on Wednesday mornings, or on Friday nights when the Telugu come to worship. Then there are those special celebrations such as Vacation Bible School, when night after night hundreds of children and adults come to learn, worship and praise God.

Our Sanctuary walls would have so much to say about the joy of a new life when our children are dedicated to God, or when there is a new spiritual birth as a baptism takes place, or when the sanctuary is packed to witness a graduation—a milestone in the lives of our young people. Then, there are those times when a couple repeats their vows of love to each other, “’till death do us part”, and the celebration of a life well-lived, as death holds sway—briefly—until the “trumpet sounds.” The walls could join in wonder as the seats fill on Sabbath mornings to the groups sharing the Word of God together in Sabbath School classes learning how to become disciples, and then as more worshippers, from children to those older, join to worship in singing, praying, and listening in anticipation to the Spoken Word! The walls must quake when the organ peals forth in accompaniment to congregational singing–especially at the end of a Communion service as hands are held across aisles singing, “When We All Get to Heaven.”

Those who choose to separate themselves from corporate worship could never experience community in the way that’s possible within the walls at Sligo. If Sligo’s walls could speak, I can imagine that they would say that surely God’s Presence is in this place.

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