Habitat For Humanity Picture

Mission Trip

Want to have fun and make an impact this summer? How about rebuilding houses with Habitat for Humanity? On August 12-15, Sligo Youth is going to New Jersey to help families that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy last November.

Work we’ll be doing

We will be gutting houses, putting drywall back, and then painting the finished products. Gutting a house consists of taking down the water-damaged drywall from the studs or framings. Then, we will be putting up new drywall to replace it and finish it with paint. There are onsite construction leaders who make sure everything thing is done properly and safely.

Cost & Eligibility

The fee for this trip is $100, which covers transportation, room, food, and the Habitat for Humanity material fees. This trip is open to high school students (including the recently graduated Class of 2013) that are 16+ years of age.

Mission Center                      Residence Center

Habitat for Humanity                              First Presbyterian Church
193 Long Branch Ave                               34th Street
Long Branch, NJ  07740                           Matawan, NJ  00747

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Step 2: Payment

Click this link to make the $100 payment through Adventist Giving. Designate the payment as “Youth Mission Trip.”