Our prayer coverage this week reaches the busy, bustling neighborhood along Riggs Road. During the summer break, kids leave their homes to cross this car-busy street to get to stores and to the parks. May a special host of angels guide their ways and quicken their decisions to maximize their safety. May their parents be prompted to make library visits a summer tradition to keep learning fresh and vibrant.

May a different type of learning and reinforcement occur from VBS programs, community centers, and pools.

• We pray that the teachers get the renewal and refreshment they seek.

• We pray for the other staff members as they prepare the building to ensure a vibrant learning environment.

• We pray that the crossing guards find alternative employment during the break.

Church we continue to pray!


Chris Daley & Dawn Reynolds

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2 Responses to Our Community Prayer Journey to Adelphi Elementary

  1. Carol June hooker says:

    Chris, please send information to Carol Hooker. Prince George’s County is building a new high school in Langley Park for incoming adolescents from Central America and another elsewhere for incoming adolescents from everywhere else. I hope Sligo Church can be an active prayer presence as our church neighborhood acts as a welcoming integrating center for children and teens who come out of tribulation. The new high schools are scheduled to open in 2015.

  2. Chris Daley says:

    Carol, thanks for this alert! We look forward to providing prayer coverage for this upcoming learning community.

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