As we enter into Holy Week, I want to turn our attentions to light. Yes, light, the wonderful goodness of light. Light powered by the one true Source- Jesus. Jesus is the greatest light source ever and just by His very presence He can blot out darkness.

I am well aware that darkness looms. We are still unable to find flight MH 370, earthquakes are causing disruptions in California, and floods are taking lives in Washington State. I am reminded however, that darkness is no match for Jesus’s light and darkness can have no dominion over us.

We all know the sweet song, “This Little Light of Mine.” It is one of my favorites; because it is catchy, but more importantly, it is potent and packed with so much goodness that singing it always makes me feel good deep down in my soul.

Our light, our light is in Jesus Christ, Our Savior, and because we love Jesus, we have lights within that we need to let shine in our own personal worlds.

This light, this special light helps others to see God in us and they like us can and will be transformed. This light is a light that shines so brilliantly that collectively we can change the world.

This light illuminates and brings brightness to all forms of darkness. This light is in you. This light is in me. God has placed it right there. This light is his divine, unconditional love for us. It burns eternal.

My charge to you this week is that when you are faced with a challenge, obstacle or struggle to overcome, tap into your light. When darkness tries to reign, you turn on your light. When you feel empty, call on your light source, so that God our Father can fill us up.

God is amazing and His light and in turn our light will never lose its power.

Let your light shine today.

(by Iana Benjamin)

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