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Sligo Church, along with other local churches, has many youth in public and other private schools. These students look forward to celebrating the completion of their high school tenure at Prom but are faced with a prom culture that clashes with their beliefs. The Sligo Youth Department wants to provide an alternative to Prom which provides a safe, fun=filled, and meaningful celebration.


baltimore-cateredevents-KHVR-slide3-web (2)The ticket includes a sit-down dinner, a Potomac River Boat Cruise with the sights of DC, a talent show, photo booth, and two hours of a promenade experience. Each youth will receive a Promenade momento to commemorate this event.

Promenade is for upperclassmen in high school. Lowerclassmen may attend as the date of a junior or senior. Lowerclassmen should complete separate registration and payment.

Read the Dress Code

The dress code is simple. Read and understand it to have the best possible time!

Read about Parking & Transportation


Great news! For people who register for Promenade by Maech 30, the Potomac Conference will subsidized the registration price by $25, bringing the current registration price to $35 per person. Thank you Potomac Conference!