It was a day in November 1952, having arrived back in South Lancaster, Massachusetts from California to be inducted into the US Army. I borrowed my father’s car to drive down Main Street to see what had happened in that town since I had left it two years earlier.

In 1950, four of us teenagers struck a deal to drive to California to seek our fortune. It was a very long drive to look for work. When we arrived we discovered to our dismay that jobs simply weren’t available for inexperienced young fellows. We stopped in to visit the Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital for a meal, following which we had no choice but to drive back to Massachusetts in the hope of getting our former jobs back. It was late in the afternoon and I checked to see if there were any work opportunities at the “San”, only to discover that they had two openings and within twenty minutes I had a job. Seize the Moment! I had no room and again within a few minutes the kind folks found me a furnished room within walking distance. A job and a room within thirty minutes. Seize the Moment! My friends drove back to Massachusetts. During the next two years I was offered a job at Lockheed Air Service at twice the pay I had received at Glendale, so I took that. Seize the Moment! Then that fateful induction notice arrived requiring me to go back to Massachusetts. As I drove down Main Street, remembering my time in South Lancaster Academy, I noticed a beautiful young lady walking on the sidewalk and remembered her from Academy days, so I made a U turn, pulled up alongside and spoke to her, inviting her to join me to bring me up to speed, she did and that began a 62 year relationship which is still going strong, Seize the Moment!

Army time, marriage, back to Lockheed Air Service for a time, GI Bill opportunity, La Sierra College acceptance, part time work, full time studies. Seize the Moment! Four years later – graduation, children, a teaching job. On and on over the years, choices of opportunities came. Each time – Seize the Moment!

Nothing ever is guaranteed in life. You have to Seize the Moment whenever opportunities arise. Today each of us must decide where we can be of service, no matter what age we are. God will bless our efforts if we ask Him to give us opportunities to Seize the Moment! Though young, though having reached retirement, your Church, a local school, a hospital. a community service agency, etc., all become opportunities for continued voluntary service that will not only bless those you serve, but bless you even more, knowing that you are involved where help is needed.

Age is no excuse for not being involved, since a lifetime of experience is a most valuable asset. You are a walking library that is a resource that no one else can replicate. Make that resource available as a blessing to those who can only read about what you personally have experienced. Seize the Moment! If you don’t it will disappear. God will give you opportunities, recognize them.

(by Erwin H. Mack)

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