Because He Lives (WAU Baccalaureate)

April 28, 2012

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  1. weedouthate says:

    Friendly Advice to U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black….Might I suggest that you deliver you next prayer outdoors on the Capitol Hill grounds. Ask the Congress to root out symbolic ‘weeds of hate’. Democrats and Republicans tugging on common weeds of contention. The resulting harvest of dandelions would be just the right Tea Blend for healing the Congress as well as the Nation. It would be the kind of Tea that might have inspiring our founding fathers to set up the government with the system of checks and balances that they did. They were a clever bunch, who realized that this system would lead to the kind of proverbial weed patch we are experiencing right now. Just ripe for the opportunity to weed out and compost the Capitol Hill grounds clean into spiritual Substrate for enriching Dr. King’s Promised Land vision.

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