Burnt But Not Consumed

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  1. Myrle says:

    This message is awesome and it can only be God who directed me to this site!
    My family are all SDA! My son and family emigrated to the USA! Three months ago I received a phone call form my younger son to inform me that my eldest son is charged with the shooting and death of his wife! After confirmation that this was true.

    I asked God how he could do this to our family, a God fairing family?. My son was brought up in a religous environement. Never been in trouble before, could you not get his attention some other way? This was followed by the question, where were his guardian angels including my mother who has beens deceased for the past three years. Although I know God was somewhere in the background, I could not hear him. On one occasion, i said to my friend and Pastor, God is not speaking with to me, I cannot not her him. He said, you need to be persistance, he wants you to be persistance, followed by the appropriate scripture. This did not relieve my pain or suffering

    Now I have commenced on a 30 days prayer and fasting, (this is my fourth day) praying for God’s guidance and direction. Three days ago, my son informed me that this is the station he listens to in the detention centre and I google it. After browsing the site the title of the sermon interests me. On listerning, I became this message was for me.
    My son is having a challenging time in the Detension Centre as he is not able to attend service weekly! I send him prayers and he reads his bible. Would it be possilbe to have a printer version of this sermon as I would like to send him a copy as I lives in the UK and can only spiritually support him by lcorrespondence or via the phone!

    Thank you for this sermon, it has answered my questions. “Where is God at this time in my journey and Why us? Although I have faith, what if my prayers are unanswered! God Bless!

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