Rite or Right


March 2, 2013

In this special communion message, Charles Tapp answers whether communion is a rite or a right.

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Rite or Right

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  1. mrs.rivera says:

    Dr. Charls Tapp, How blessed l’am, through The grase of, King, from not wanted, to live?! l look fowar and have such of blessing n honor to be able, your wonderful, greatest, most spiritua up lifting, sermons, that l look foward, to get up wlth great joy. My God’ sent, husband, bought me this tablet, so l will be able to listen to you, Dr. Charles, any time and anywhere, specialy, when l most, in need, to hear The Gospl, The Word of our only, True King. l’ m not so technical at all, But, l have so far what l to know to keep my will to live. I always be most greatful to God, not only for your ecsistance, but also my husband, Who has beautifful soul, and loves me a lot. May God bless you with your massage of the Lord, so l keep on living with, throu His Word. May the Lord, always keep showering, with His almaghtig Love and Blessings. Your sister in Christ, Grisèl Rivera.

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