Community Prayer Guardian Ministry

Community Prayer Guardian Ministry

This Spring has unleashed a torrent of incidents that flood our consciousness with so much tragedy involving our children. Stabbings In Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, shootings in Chicago, capsizing of a ferry in South Korea, and kidnappings in Nigeria are a few headlines that tear at our hearts. We can easily become overwhelmed by the staggering scope of these tragedies and become bystanders to this apocalypse.

However, we are supplied in our faith tool kit with the resource of prayer that can bring a healing presence in these turbulent times. Last April, over 120 Sligo members committed 10 minutes per day to pray with focused attention for the schools around our Takoma Park community. This Sabbath, May 10, we are reaffirming our commitment to this ministry and beckoning the Holy Spirit to pour fresh energies into our effort to bring hope and healing to our community through our daily prayer habits.

An exciting extension to this ministry has been given birth at Sligo Adventist School. The Caring Card Club was launched last fall. This is an after-school club that, with the support and mentoring of several volunteers, uses cards to bless and bring encouragement to 20 area schools. Come see what a small band of dedicated youth can do to have an impact in our community.

So, suppose you decided to dedicate 10 minutes in your day to praying for a learning community in Takoma Park, could it make a difference? We with some intentional effort can secure 10 precious minutes to pray for our schools. We can pray while we exercise, commute, wait in line at Starbucks. Yes we can spare a dime in time! And this time could make all the difference in the world as we claim a Bible promise for a Takoma Park school.

So come take two minutes in the Atrium today, to get a reaffirmation card, some prayer resources, or sign up for a life changing ministry.

By: Chris Daley and Dawn Reynolds

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