Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges - Pastor for Worship

Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges – Pastor for Worship

“For He shall give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.” Psalms 91:11

I enjoyed Pastor Tapp’s sermon last week entitled “Touched by an Angel.” Pastor Tapp shared that angels are messengers sent by God. As he preached, memories flooded my mind and my thoughts drifted back to my teenage years. Here is my story as I journaled it decades ago.

I heard my alarm clock ring just as my mother entered my bedroom calling “it’s time to wake up to go to pathfinders.” I rolled out of bed to get dressed knowing that pathfinders was the last place I intended to go. I was a popular sixteen-year-old sophomore at Greater New York Academy and a member of one of the school’s favorite singing groups, “The Morning Star Trio.” We gave ourselves Christ’s name because we wanted to represent Him. However this morning my goal was contrary to Christ’s character. I decided to disobey my parents.

I planned to go to a rehearsal that was being held in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn one of the highest crime areas in New York City. Crime there was so rampant that the area was nick named “Bed-Stuy, do or die!” I had no business traveling alone in Brooklyn. I asked permission to go and my Mom said, “Absolute not! You can only go to pathfinders in Queens. That area of Brooklyn is too dangerous.” I left my Long Island home under the pretense that I was going to Queens. Then I began my defiant journey to Brooklyn. I had to take a bus and two trains. When I exited the subway, I could sense that I was in danger. Also, I was lost. I did not recognize the area and the grungy, dilapidated surroundings were frightening.

I scanned the neighborhood and knew it was dangerous. I had no extra money and realized that my girlfriend’s apartment, where the rehearsal was being held, was too far for me to walk. I breathed a prayer and tried to find a pay phone. I crossed the street to look for something familiar. As I walked along the sidewalk, a car pulled up beside me. This car looked odd. It had a taxicab sign on top, but it wasn’t a New York yellow cab. It was a large, white, immaculate, Lincoln Town Car with burgundy leather interior. A gentleman rolled down his window, looked over at me and motioned, then said, “Get in.” “No thank you,” I answered. “I don’t have any money.” While the taxi driver continued to urge me on, I noticed there was something different about his face. He had a kind look, twinkling eyes and a brilliant, white smile. Despite the danger, this taxi driver seemed to calm my nerves. I reluctantly agreed to get in, but explained that I had no money.

The taxi driver was dark skinned, with a small, neat afro and a slight foreign accent. I mentioned that the car he drove was beautiful and I was amazed that he had such a nice taxi in Brooklyn. He just smiled. He wore a camouflage jacket. As he drove, we talked. I told him I was in high school and a singer. He smiled kindly and proudly mentioned he also loved to sing. As we traveled, I remained concerned that I didn’t know where I was. Then, I suddenly recognized the area. This kind man had driven me close enough to my girlfriend’s apartment that I could now direct him where to go. He took me to the door! Before I left, we talked a bit more. I apologized for not having his fare. He looked at me with kindness and said, “That’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Next time, just listen to your mother.” He smiled radiantly and drove off.

I was stunned! I had never mentioned my mother or the fact that I had disobeyed her. But God knows all things and He sends His angels to protect us. My angel was a kind taxi driver who wore camouflage to fight the devil. He drove a white taxi (for purity) with red interior (for the blood). God protected me despite my disobedience. I hope to meet my angel again in heaven to thank him for his protection. Praise God that He loves us so much that I was not only touched but also taxied by an angel.

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2 Responses to Taxied by an Angel

  1. Michele Bethea Hilliars says:

    I love your testimony. God is amazing and his love is enduring. He protects us and gives us a way out. I have a similar story but this we in Hempstead. My car broke down and out of no where appeared a gentleman with a dark complexion, short hair and short in stature. He didn’t say much but he pushed my car over to the side which was a great help. He left but I remember thinking, I never saw him walk away. Then I said to myself he was an Angel. Thank-you Cheryl!!!

    • Hello Michelle:

      Thank you for reading my article and providing your own testimony. It sounds like my angel was a busy man! Since he probably always hung around our home, I can certainly fathom that he helped you in Hometown Hempstead. Who knows? What a thought… Maybe we share an angel! God is great and greatly to be praised!!!

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