Tennis Night!

Tennis Night!

Tennis Anyone? Whether you are pro, a beginner or would just “LOVE” to learn the game of tennis, you are invited to join your Sligo family for a night of indoor tennis on Saturday evening, March 1, from 7:00 – 12:00 p.m. at the Fairland Sports and Aquatic Complex in Laurel, MD. There will be lots of good food and tons of fun for all ages. There is no cost for admission, although food will be sold by the Sligo Pathfinders to help raise money for their upcoming trip to Oskosh in August. So bring a racket and your enthusiasm for a night you will never forget.

Don’t forget to Bring a Friend!

Directions: Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex

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4 Responses to Tennis night!

  1. Troy Campbell says:

    Pastor Tapp,

    You know I’ll be participating. I’ll bring an extra racquet to loan. If I can assist with coordinating events, let me know what assistance I can provide.

    Troy Campbell

  2. Wendell T. Osborne says:

    Dear Pastor Tapp: The name of the center where the event will be held is named, but no directions are listed. (ie.: fulll address of Fairlands Sports and Aquatik Center.In other words, just how to get there. I would appreciate that since I am not acquainted with most of PG.County. Thank you. W.T.Osborne
    PS. You may notify me on this post for the benefit of others.

    • pesposito says:

      Dear Wendell, thank you for checking in. If you look a little closer you will see that the text you are mentioning is actually a link that takes you to the Fairland Sports and Aquatics Complex website where you can find the best direction as to how to get there.

      Continued blessings!

  3. Levi Malangyaon says:

    Hi Pastor Tapp,

    My name is Levi Malangyaon a former Sligo Church member but now moved to New Hope SDA. I am receiving your weekly e newsletter and am interested of joining your tennis night. some of my friends express their interest too of coming but we are not sure if you already have enough people for the court that night. please let ne know and thank you.

    Levi Malangyaon

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