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The Adventists 2

The Adventists 2

The ADVENTISTS 2 is a new documentary film that tells the dramatic story of Seventh-day Adventists and their commitment to medical mission work. It is the sequel to the highly successful film – The ADVENTISTS – currently airing on Public Television stations. The ADVENTISTS focused on the background of Seventh-day Adventists and how their understanding of the body as the “Temple of God” has made them some of the healthiest people on the planet. Now The ADVENTISTS 2 goes beyond our borders to profile organizations and individuals whose faith commitment has propelled them into some the world’s most challenging health issues.

The ADVENTISTS 2 was filmed in Haiti, the Amazon/Brazil, Malawi, Africa, China, Peru and the Dominican Republic. It explores how Seventh-day Adventists are addressing important health issues around the world and doing it out of a century-old tradition of medical missions.

In Brazil – Brad and Lina Mills deliver medical support by boat to those living on the banks of the Amazon River. In Malawi – Dr. Christy Shank is saving the lives of the next generation of children born to HIV-positive mothers. In Haiti – Dr. Scott Nelson volunteers his time as an orthopedic surgeon to help crippled children walk.

Millions of people know the names of Albert Schweitzer and Tom Dooley – famed medical missionaries of the 20th century who left their comfortable surroundings for Africa and Asia to bring healing to those in need. Now The ADVENTISTS 2 – the sequel to the highly successful documentary The ADVENTISTS, travels to six countries to tell the stories of today’s unsung medical missionaries and how they are reshaping health care out of a personal faith commitment.

The first film – now airing on PBS stations – showed Seventh-day Adventists as some of the healthiest people on the planet today. The ADVENTISTS 2 explores the Adventist century-old commitment to sharing their health message around the world by building hospitals and supporting the work of medical missionaries.

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