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Tuesday at noon I realized my engagement ring wasn’t on my finger. I thought I had seen it there that morning. When it was not found in my car or office I thought I must have just left it at home. When I arrived at home after work and could not find it there- panic set in. I had no idea where the ring, a gift of love from my husband was. How was I to tell him that I so carelessly lost something he so carefully selected for me? I spent the next few hours calling and recalling several people to look in all the places where I had been during the day- General Conference…restaurant…office…General Conference…car… I checked the house again. Nothing turned up.

Feeling quite hopeless, I remembered Moses’ prayer and asked God to restore it for His name’s sake. “Lord, for the sake of Your name and Your glory help me find this ring. Give me a testimony, Lord so I can share with everyone that You can do it and that You care about everything in our lives.”

The short of the story is- I drove back to the General Conference where I had been 10 hours earlier. As I drove, I thought of the woman in Luke 15 who lost her marriage coins. She, like me lost a symbol of marriage- a gift from her husband. I thought if I, like that woman could be so disheartened because I lost a material possession- how must God feel? He lost something far more precious- people He gave His life to save.

I was sure I would never see that ring again, but I had to make a last attempt- for my husband’s sake. I searched every square inch of the General Conference parking spot where I had parked that morning- with no success. After a similar lack of success inside the building, I headed to my car to leave.

The cold rain hit me as I was getting to my car. Wait a minute! Since it had been raining all day- maybe the ring got washed down to the end of the parking lot. I followed the curb around the building. When it ended at a drain with water rushing down into the sewers, I accepted the reality that it was most likely lost. Hoping against hope I checked around the parking spot one last time. Steve Chavez saw me hovering over the parking spot and stopped to help me in my search. We found nothing.

As I was facing the finality of leaving- feeling hopeless, despondent, and guilty- Daniel Bermingham, who works in security drove up holding out my ring! I cannot explain the joy I felt! I shared my elation with Steve and Daniel. What a miracle this was! I called my husband. I went back into the building to share with the rest of the security guards. I called Aunty Shyamala Ram, who had stopped to help me search inside the building. I posted the whole story on Facebook, and now I’m sharing it with you. Like the woman of Luke 15, I had to share the fact that what I had lost had been found!

The miracle of the story is that Daniel found my ring in the exact same square inch of parking lot that I had scoured 20 minutes before him. When I started searching at 5:47 p.m., the parking spot where I had parked that morning was empty, so I was able to search the whole parking spot. At 6:10 p.m., Daniel was walking by the same parking spot that now had a car in it. He noticed something odd in a faint splash of water next to one of the tires. No shimmering reflection. No bulge. There was just something odd about this splash of water. He put his hand on the surface- and found the ring!

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God did not just restore my ring- He did it in such an incredible way, so that I and everyone else would know that it could only have been Him. I believe He did it for His name’s sake- to remind me that He is the kind of God that cares about the very big things and the very small things in our lives. He is the kind of God that is always in control even when we feel lost, hopeless, guilty, and despondent. He reminded me of how He feels when He loses even one of those for whom He has died. He gave me a glimpse of the lengths to which He goes for each and every one of us. If God could, and did, orchestrate such a big story for a little ring- just imagine what He does for each of us every day!

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  1. Ulanda says:

    Awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing. Incredible faith.

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