Pr. Charles Tapp - Senior Pastor

Pr. Charles Tapp – Senior Pastor

I’m not sure what it is about this time of the year that puts people in the mindset to give. Whatever it is, I wish it could be contagious throughout the entire year. For whatever the reason, individuals that wouldn’t normally possess a giving spirit all of a sudden find themselves doing so and, in many cases, without provocation. As I have said many times before, this time of the year is my favorite of the holiday season. And the reason for that is that when you think about it, there is still something about Thanksgiving that in many ways has yet to become infected by the Madison Avenue commercialization that continues to plague most, if not all, of the other remaining holidays that our nation celebrates.

That being said, there are still some people who for whatever reason are not all that excited when it comes to this thing called giving. Now, I know that you might find that hard to believe, but sadly it’s true. And what may shock you even more than my previous statement is that some of these individuals call themselves Christians. When you think about all that the Christian life is to represent, how could anyone call themselves a Christian and not possess a spirit to give? The very nature of the name that we as Christians bear is associated with the one that epitomized what true giving is all about, because he gave the greatest gift that anyone could ever give – his own life.

So, as we prepare to celebrate this season of thanksgiving, the question to be asked is not, “to give or not to give,” but rather, “what shall we give and to whom shall we give?” And, as we prepare to answer these questions, let us never forget that for the Christian, giving is one means by which we demonstrate in a very practical and powerful way the love that God has for his greatest creation, mankind. So, as Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I encourage us to give as much as we can, to everyone we can, and as often as we can, and not just during this time of the year, but rather each day of every year.

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