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When I arrived at Sligo Church one of the ministries I was asked to oversee was the Children’s Sabbath School program. Among the first people I met was our Children’s Sabbath School Superintendent, Noelene Johnsson, who, I realized right away, loved working with our kids programs. She wrote an interesting article, titled, “To The Children Belongs The Future,” which I have chosen to share with you, with her permission of course, in this eWeekend article. Hope you enjoy reading it:

When God sentenced the Hebrew people to wander 40 years in the desert, it was because He could not convince the adults to let Him make of them a great nation.

To this day it is hard—next to impossible—to convince adults to change their lifestyle and their thinking. Studies have shown only 8 percent of adults in the United States commit to Jesus. Unless they made the commitment as children they just don’t change. And those who do so, do it in the power of grace—not of themselves.

So God let the Hebrew adults walk around in the sand until they died. During this time the little children who left Egypt were watching all the wonders the Lord did through Moses. Awed, they opened their hearts to God through the ministry of Moses and no doubt their hero Joshua.

When these children grew up and became leaders of their families and tribes, God took them over the Jordan and into the land. They were the well-disciplined people who marched around Jericho seven times without saying a word—actually 13 times in 7 days.

Today’s children are destined to do great things. I heard recently of a 5-year-old who knew only English yet brought his 5-year-old friend to Jesus, though the friend spoke only Spanish! So who can doubt what the Holy Spirit can do through children; we may well see them take leadership at tender ages. And where they lead will depend on whom they are following and how well they are trained in God’s way.

Moses, in his final sermon instructed fathers to daily lead their children in the fear of God (Deut. 6:6), but succeeding generations forgot to do this. When that generation trained by Moses passed away, the nation grew away from the Lord and consequently also from the blessing of His presence among them.

Let’s not forget it in our day. Church, how well are we reading the books of Moses, their experience in many ways parallels ours. Let’s seek the Lord daily and teach our children to be daily Bible readers and diligent in prayer. Together we in our day can help answer Moses’ prayer, “Establish the work of my hands” (Ps: 90:17).

Noelene Johnsson, 9/5/13 – Referenced by Gerry Lopez

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