Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges - Pastor for Worship

Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges – Pastor for Worship

This past October, my husband and I celebrated twenty-three years of marriage. This anniversary was a milestone that brought back wonderful memories. You see, we met on a blind date, a well organized blind date. We are happy to be numbered with the few people who didn’t experience a blind date horror story. We were introduced by my college girlfriend and her fiancé, who is my husband’s cousin. They were our closest friends and they knew us both very well. Although I was a bit nervous, I agreed to the date because I trusted my girlfriend and I must admit I had grown tired of being single.

To guarantee our date resulted in a love relationship, they painstakingly planned all the details. This required months of preplanning. First they provided us with pictures and some general information about each other. Then they introduced us by phone. Next they arranged a special day, time and place for us to meet. Finally to make sure we were completely at ease, we met in a group that included both family and friends. It was love at first sight. Our date was delightful and we have adored each other ever since. Remembering our first date and recreating its romantic atmosphere has become one of the secrets to intimacy in our relationship.

I can’t help but see parallels between our love story and the love story of God giving the Children of Israel His Ten Commandments. After three months of travel from Egypt, the Israelites came to the Sinai wilderness. They had been isolated as slaves in Egypt and were unable to worship the One True God. When the Israelites arrived in the wilderness, God told Moses they would be His special treasure above all people on Earth (Ex. 19:1-6). God also told Moses that He wanted a date to meet with Israel so they needed to consecrate themselves, wear clean clothes and get ready to see Him (vs.13-14). God set the atmosphere for this special date. There was music, mist, fire light and plenty of sound effects (vs.16-19). God was planning to impress them with a love relationship that would last for eternity.

Through the Ten Commandments God introduced Himself (Ex. 20:1-2). He made it clear up front that for this relationship to work there would be no other suitors and if so He would get jealous (Ex. 20: 3-6). God made sure He would not be taken for granted (Ex. 20:7). He selected the special day, time and place that He would meet with the Israelites. He determined the activities on this date and He asked them to always remember the special relationship they would experience on that day (Ex. 20: 8-11). Then God included both family and neighborhood friends to make sure the Israelites knew that everyone could share in their special love relationship (Ex. 20: 12-17).

The Ten Commandments is a love letter from God (Matt. 22: 37-40). It is not a set of static rules and regulations, but Jesus Christ wooing us to worship and adore Him. The secret to intimacy lies in the heart of these ten principles. The Holy Spirit’s presence will dwell within us only when God’s Commandments become our eternal love song.

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2 Responses to Wonder of Worship: The Secret to Intimacy

  1. Thelma Barnes says:

    Congratulations for the blessing of 23 years! I pray that the Great God who brought you together will continue to bless your special relationship with Him and with your husband.Because of your intimacy with Jesus (and your husband),the best is yet to come.Blessings to you and family. Thank you for your words of encouragement..

  2. Pastor Cheryl Wilson-Bridges says:

    Thank you Thelma for your kind words and well wishes to my husband and me. We are excited to have reached this milestone. I do believe that a good and Godly marriage gives us a small glimpse into the “oneness” in a relationship that God intended us all to share with Him. Our worship when we spend intimate time with God enables us to know Him and His will for our lives

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