Every fall begins with a flight. Humans have a hard time handling what we deem as bad experiences. Even Christians have a hard time dealing with bad experiences. Truth is when something bad happens to us we are often left with more questions and answers and our coping mechanisms aren’t always best. Through the Christian viewpoint though, we have the awareness that God loves us so much that nothing can separate us from his love. This is what we can cling so dearly to in seemingly bad times. This is what we can take to the bank and cash and be sure that it won’t bounce. This truth is what we can share with those who are at the end of their rope, at the edge of the cliff, those who sit in the depths of the sorrow because of a challenge that life is throwing their way.

I was reminded of the low experiences that this journey called life can sometimes force us to face, but I was also reminded that God’s will towards us is always, always a good one, so yes, even though we do experience low, bad, awful times, we must remember, we must remember that God is good. God is perfect and as his children we are inheritors of his goodness.

Amazing things are happening all around that show us the face of God. We just need to recognize these things. People who recognize God in everyday occurrences do live and feel differently than those with no faith.
Embracing every part of our lives both the good and the bad, leads to the wonderful adventure of God’s love.

We need practice opening our hearts to God’s will every single day of our lives. God always gives us everything we need when we need it. Patience and perseverance ought to be your blanket and pillow in the lowest of lows and valley high experiences. Embracing these traits is comforting to the soul.

As we celebrate our risen Savior in the post-festivities of Easter, we can revel in the truth that through every trial, through every pain beauty, loveliness, goodness and purity await on the other side. Your task, your mandate is take your blanket and pillow with you. Push past the pain with perseverance, and put on the cloak of patience. God will see you through; this is His promise to those who believe. We have this blessed hope, because we carry His love. We have this hope because God is not dead. We have this hope because Jesus is risen. We have this hope because He will come again.

Keep your head up and when you need to rest do so with your blanket and your pillow.

(by Iana Del Benjamin)

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