Disability Action Team

  • The purpose of Sligo’s Disability Action Teams (DAT) is to help Sligo Church become more welcoming and accessible to persons with disabilities. We accomplish our goals by educating the church and by advocating for the needs of individuals with disabilities within our community.
  • DAT is comprised of about ten individuals, many of whom either have a disability or who have family members with disabilities. However, anyone is welcome to join this ministry and we are currently recruiting new members.
  • Some of DAT projects include the following:
  • A training session with Sligo’s youth to discussion how they can help persons with disabilities in our Church and community. Several young people help Church members with light housekeeping and yard work. We’re planning to conduct another youth training in the near future—and perhaps reach out to young adults as well.
  • We conducted a training session at last year’s EQUIP session which was held at S
  • Sligo church. This resulted in an exchange of information and ideas among churches within the Potomac Conference.
  • DAT has provided input into Sligo’s Emergency Evacuation plan;
  • We’ve given input into various parking plans as well as the new Greenway Entrance.
  • Currently DAT is exploring ways to provide Sligo members with information which will enable them to keep their family members at home.

For further information, please email us at Kathy Roy Johnson