Why Give Online?

AdventistGiving allows you to return your tithe and give your offerings online while you do your online banking, are on a long business trip, on vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church due to an illness.

But most important of all, if you desire to give back to the Lord all of your firstfruits as soon as you have them, you can do it immediately through AdventistGiving.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is giving online safe?

AdventistGiving and associated apps are written by denominationally employed IT Professionals of the North American Division IT Services Department, ( NAD ITS) or by contractors supervised by NAD IT Services.  AdventistGiving is entirely supported by NAD ITS.

AdventistGiving maintains the highest levels of security and is monitored regularly. We recognize the sacredness of the tithe dollar (Lev. 27:30), and we employ the strictest standards to protect both the tithe dollar given, as well as the donor. Security is paramount. The AdventistGiving platform has never been compromised, and donor’s data has never been breached.

Does it cost me anything to give online?

You will pay no fees for using AdventistGiving.

Is recurring giving availible?

You may set up recurring donations in a member account.  Donations may be set up as weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly, etc.